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In Ju Aichi auction if you see following note 123売切り ("123 urikiri") , then it is the car from 123 corner.

・10,000円スタート ⇒ 10万円以内売切り if start price is 10,000 JPY the "Urikiri" (reserved price by owner) will start from 100,000 JPY

・20,000円スタート ⇒ 20万円以内売切り if start price is 20,000 JPY the "Urikiri" (reserved price by owner) will start from 200,000 JPY

・30,000円スタート ⇒ 30万円以内売切り if start price is 30,000 JPY the "Urikiri" (reserved price by owner) will start from 300,000 JPY

For instance, if you are bidding for car from "123 Urikiri" auction corner and the start price for the car is 10,000 JPY, there is no meaning to bid less than 100,000 JPY and vice versa if your bid more than 100,000 JPY it means, you have a chance to purchase the car.

What is " Urikiri" ?

A seller nominates the price for the car —urikiri price, which means reserved price. If desired bid does not reach urikiri price, cause of less competitors (there should be more than 2 bidders, unless the auction reaches reserved price) the car will be unsold.

All biddings (except for "urikiri bidding" -bidding without reserved price) are divided into two stages: 1) bidding before the reserved price and 2) bidding after the reserved price. The reserved price on a car is known only by the auction system, which controls the bidding and the seller of the car. Also, the seller himself can control the sale process and press the “urikiri” button (reserved price) when he decides that he is ready to sell the car at the current price.


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