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Aichi Auto Auction (AAA) ( 愛知オートオークション) is small auction operated by Toyota Motor Corporation. Most people don't know about this auction, because lots of this auction appear only in TC WEB system.

Most of the exhibited vehicles are trade-in vehicles from dealers mainly in the prefecture, and many one-owner and auction debut vehicles are exhibited.

Since there are many trade-ins for new cars, it is also a feature that ordinary cars are used for most of the exhibited cars. The scale is not large, but the contract rate is very high, and the auction is lively.

The auction day is every Tuesday. Today 444 units were auctioned in AAA.

Some importers mistakenly think that AAA Japan and AAA are same, but they are not same. AAA Japan is exporter company based in Yokohama and AAA is auto auction run by Toyota Motor Corporation.

AAA is one of the old auctions, which was registered July 1972.

Auction address: 1-100 Asadahirako , Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture 470-0128

Tel: 052-805-5211

Number of seats: 306

Official web site is , but auctioned cars can be seen only in TC WEB.

The auction sheet structure of AAA is same as for auction sheet of usual auctions.

Photos of auction house.


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