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Our company Akebono Co.Ltd, hopes this message catches you at the best time to contact you with regards to importing used vehicles, parts, motorcycles and dismantling services from Japan for your stock inventory or customer orders.

Are you looking for more options in finding used vehicles, parts, motorcycles and machinery which are affordable yet high quality for your business?

We provide the services below:


- USED AUTO PARTS (in bulk, by containers);

- USED CAR ENGINES (in bulk, by containers);

- USED MOTORCYCLES AND SCOOTERS (in bulk, by containers);


Please let us know the services you are interested in and we will send you the detailed information. You can contact us via email or whatsapp.

Also we recommend to register to our website

so you will not miss the important information.

AKEBONO CO.,LTD Name:アコビル  ラシドフ  Web: Mobile: +81-80-9345-0655 (whats'app) E-mail:

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