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Akebono used car dismantling services (JAPAN)

25 reasons to use Akebono

Part 1. Purchase

1.1 Akebono is flexible in the auction process. We don/t have limitationы for accepting bids.

1.2 We don't have limits for the number of cars in one bidding group of cars.

1.3 Response time, you will get a reply to your inquiry (such as auction sheet translation and etc.)by WhatsApp messenger within few minutes.

1.4 Unlike other companies, where you have only one manager, in Akebono two sales managers will be attached to you.

1.5 Our staff contacts you during the auction negotiations.

1.6 On your request we can make a live online translation during the bidding for your car.

Part 2. No out-sourcing

2.1 Akebono transports cars purchased from auctions of the Honshu area (the main island) to Toyama yard by its own car carriers. Thus, purchased vehicles will arrive at our Toyama dismantle yard. Most companies use logistics companies for inland transportation of vehicles, so it takes time and responsibilities issues arise.

2.2 Most companies will tell you they organize dismantling service, but actually, they will use the out- sourcing. We dismantle cars by ourselves, it is because we have got the license for dismantling in Japan. Direct contact with staff who actually do the dismantling is very important in this sphere in terms of responsibility and quality of cutting according to the customers' request.

Part 3. Fees

3.1 We don't charge 10% of the car price

3.2 Our inland transportation fees from auctions are cheaper compared to the transportation fees of other companies. It is because we are using our own car carriers.

3.3 Since our dismantling yard is located near the port of Toyama, the container transportation (Drayage) fee is cheaper compared to the dismantling companies located in distance from ports.

3.4 We don't charge extra charges for cutting the rear fenders, roof cut, or car sills.

3.5 We don't charge an extra fee for the total dismantling of the drivetrain.

3.6 We don't charge an extra fee for spare parts packing work and spare parts packing inside the container work.

Part 4. Dismantling yard

4.1 We are dismantling cars indoors, so the parts will not be damaged by rain or snow.

4.2 Simultaneously we can load two containers in our yard.

4.3 Once the car arrives in our yard, we make 25-30 photos of the car and video of the engine working.

Part 5. Work

5.1 Our staff dismantle car totally according to your request.

5.2 We provide all requested parts from the car to our customers, including the catalyst.

5.3 Akebono is the best company for spare parts packaging and loading them to the container. Please check the links with our shipped containers with parts and compare them to other companies' ones.

5.4 Our packing list is done based on really packed container parts: every single loaded bolt matches with the packing list.

5.5 Dismantling speed: daily our team can fully dismantle up to 10 units.

Part 6. Shipping

6.5 Every shipper has grades in the Japanese customs office. New exporter companies get grade 1, so we chances of inspection of the loaded container are increasing. Our company is working for 25 years, providing the required pictures of loading and all documentation. Thus our company has grade 5 in the customs office and our containers are bearly to be inspected.

6.7 Unlike other companies, which put only sawdust into the container, we lay a tarpaulin, and then fill the sawdust. By doing it, we decrease the chances of oil leaking from the container.

6.8 Our staff know the import regulations of target countries, so we follow the requirements, such as weight restrictions, we refrain from shipping prohibited by the country of the destination the spares and we provide proper documents for the customs clearance in the country of the destination.



Expenses for car

Auction purchase price + FOB from the list + recycle fee+ dismantle fee

Auction price- is the actual purchase price from auction

FOB consist of auction fee and transportation fee.

Recycle fee- 7,000-14,000 JPY . It is always mentioned in auction sheet.

Recycle fee can be checked before placing a bet. As stated above, it is always indicated on the auction sheet. It depends on the year of the car and the country of manufacture. The recycling tax on Japanese-made cars is cheaper

In this example, the recycle fee was -10,610 yen.

Dismantle fee- 400 USD (for Japanese models)

Expenses for container

In Japan expenses +freight

In Japan expenses for container 40 FHC- 150,000 JPY

Expenses for the container includes:

Customs fee

Drayage/ truck charge

Weight check

Bunker contribution


Document fee

Seal fee

Handling charge

Freight depends on the country of destination

Video about our company Akebono Co. Ltd

Photos of Akebono car dismantle yard

Photos of our loaded containers with car parts

AKEBONO CO.,LTD - used cars and parts from Japan

Mobile: +81-80-9345-0655 (whats'up)


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