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"Fukuoka Venue Corner" and "Kisarazu Yard Corner" will be newly established on March 12th.

The Arai Bayside venue four-wheel auction run by Arai Shoji will be held on March 12 at the "Fukuoka Venue Corner" and "Kisarazu" at the "AA to commemorate the sponsorship of regular imported car dealers at the end of the year" Start "Yard Corner".

Arai AA introduced a center auction machine at the Sendai venue in January. This made it possible to connect all venues of Arai Sendai, Arai Oyama, Arai Bayside, Arai Kansai, and Arai Fukuoka. In response to this, Arai AA is promoting the handling of all products at all venues and aggressive yard development.

From this time, the Fukuoka venue will start handling passenger cars. Until now, we have been handling construction machinery as a Fukuoka exhibition yard for Arai Construction Machinery, including holding a motorcycle auction, but we will add four new wheels to enhance the venue.

At the "Fukuoka Venue Corner", vehicles brought into the Fukuoka Venue will be exhibited as images at the Bayside 4-wheel auction. It is scheduled to be implemented twice a month, the second week and the fourth week of each month.

In addition, on the same day, a new video exhibition corner, "Kisarazu Yard Corner," will be held. Previews are not allowed and the yard corner is set up irregularly.

Arai AA says, "We will continue to aim for management that can meet the needs of our customers. All employees are looking forward to your participation."

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