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AUCNET- Auctions Network, although the table above shows the advantages of this auction, it is not really widespread among used car dealers, as other auctions. Let's take a look at the reasons why:

One of the differences between AUCNET and other auction systems is that it is an IT company that provides information solutions for other companies. AUCNET has developed and provides a framework for car auctions, motorcycle auctions, used medical equipment auctions, flower auctions, electronic product auctions and high-end (branded) product auctions and many other venues.

The basic business model of AUCNET is that they provide services to B2B (business to business), that is, companies. Thus, individuals cannot exhibit their vehicles in AUCNET. Only companies and such companies at the AUCNET auction, about 7000.

This auction, which is held every Monday, does not have a specific physical location, meaning cars are scattered throughout Japan and exporters cannot calculate in advance the cost grid for Japan. That is, for each car, you need to calculate the costs separately. In turn, this inconvenience is passed on to the buyers, since for each car, the buyer must consult with his supplier from Japan before making a bid. For the same reason, a preliminary physical examination of the traded vehicles is not possible. That is, the bidding takes place virtually in the offices of the AUCNET company.

Depending on corners of the AUCNET auctions, the auction fee is changed. The most expensive auction fee is for so called さきどりコーナー ("Sakidori") the lot number of which starts from 19... or 29...

Auction fees for "Sakidori" corner of AUCNET auction

- REAL - 38,500 yen



Imagine, this is only the auction costs - 38,500 yen)) although from most other auctions, this will already be all the costs for Japan.

Corners of AUCNET:

Super Fresh 7

Vehicles that have not been auctioned for the past 60 days and have been inspected for less than 7 days.


Exhibited vehicles that have not been auctioned for the past 60 days

User agency

Exhibited vehicle on behalf of the user

Manufacturer system

Yanase Premium Auction, Audi Dealer Select, BMW / Mini Dealer Time exhibited vehicle


Exhibited vehicles from AUTOBACS Cars member stores nationwide

Rent-a-car lease

Vehicles exhibited by rental car leasing companies

Sakidori Rent-A-Car

Exhibited vehicles scheduled to be rented up

That is, for each AUCNET auto auction, you need to check with your Japanese supplier for costs, as auction and shipping costs vary.

One should know that all lot numbers of AUCNET auction has 5 digits. Because of strange system, if you want to check auction sheet prior to auction day, the lot number of the same car will be different. Only on the auction day you can see the right auction lot number. May be it is because all cars of AUCNET auctions are appear as a one price auctions with the different lot.

Wrong lot number -4 digits

Right lot number- 5 digits

Same car available in One price auction.


In order to place bid in AUCNET auction one shall check following:

1) Car location, since all cars located in different cities.

2) Auction fee, since it drastically differs depending on auction corner

3) Check the one price cars, since you will get the idea, for average price or may be agree on current fixed price and purchase the car.

4) Check the right lot number

With AUCNET auctions, it is possible to work, but difficult. The only thing we are grateful for now to AUCNET is the development of products that are used by other auction systems and even such large ones as USS and the standardization of the car inspection system before the auction.

Video about AUCNET

Why the auction held on Mondays is called YANASE & AUCNET?

The reason is the Yanase is one of the biggest supplier of the cars to AUCNET auctions. Following is the speech of the AUCNET member:

Automobile business (priority action items)

Under such circumstances, we are working on our auction strategy, but as I mentioned earlier, we are proceeding by firmly securing high-quality cars called value listings.

As for what kind of good quality car is but it is a crown auction. We also have a tie-up with used cars created by major dealers and maker importers, and there are quite a lot of things that auction the names of this maker and dealers.

Specifically, Mr. Yanase, Mr. BMW, Mr. AUDI, etc. are doing auctions in partnership with our company. This is getting bigger.

And one more, the third one is the Sakidori Auction. Leasing companies and car rental companies also make used cars, but we also have a tie-up with them, especially with the leasing company, although the car has been decided to be leased up, the customer is still in the car. , Our inspector will inspect it, and it will be put up for auction.

When the car comes back, we are holding an auction where the seller has already been decided, and this is also selling at a place where it is very popular and growing.

Supporting this is the first value-up center, and we will deploy seven locations nationwide with BPO functions.

If a major company has a used car, it may be difficult to store it, so we have improved these parts for the past few years and put them in this value-up center, not only for the BPO function but also for the vehicle. It is very popular because it is repaired or something like that so that it can be sold at a higher price. As a result, both the contract rate and the number of contracts are increasing as shown on the right side.

Yanase CO. ltd is another big topic not for this article. Talking briefly, Yanase is the company which imports cars from overseas to Japan. Thus it is the specialist in imported cars in Japan.

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