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Auction one price or one click cars -Akebono

In addition to online auto auctions and tender sites, there are also stocks with fixed prices ("One Price" or "One click"). As a rule, cars are put up for auction here, which remained unsold as a result of online trading. But there are also frequent cases when, on the contrary, a car is put up for "One Price" while waiting for the auction at the auction, and if it can be sold, then the status "CANCELED" appears at the auction on the day of the auction. And also, rental cars are often exhibited here, if they are not sold, then they are later put up for auction.

Above note says the car was sold by one price and that is why it is cancelled in auction.

Some call it 一発落札("ippatsu rakusatsu")-one shot purchase , some call ワンプライス ("one puraisu") the meaning for this system is same the car is sold with the fixed price. The first applied the first get the car.

One price cars versus auction cars

Advantages of one price cars

- Since one can purchase the car for the provided price, it easier to calculate the final price to the port of destination, before purchasing ;

- In many cases in one price offers there more pictures comparing to those submitted to usual auctions;

- Purchase from one price doesn't take much time

- Sometime in one price you can find models, which you can not find from auctions

Disadvantages of one price cars

- In most cases cars go to one price, than the price didn't reach the reserve price and was unsold in the auction. Thus usually, the prices in one price section are higher than in auctions;

- Auction fee on successful purchase in case of one price is higher comparing to that of usual auction purchase. The average difference is 10,000 JPY

- In most cases if the company purchase car from one price auction will organize in land transportation by it's own companies and will not allow outsourcing. Thus in some cases transportation for one price car could be higher to that of purchased from usual auction.

Which auction systems provide access to one price or one click cars?






All above systems can not be provided to the customers, since it is possible to directly purchase the car by using above websites.

These auction systems doesn't allow other companies to download their data, so most of the cars are gone unseen by the customers or end-users.

Some companies even if there is a prohibition still download the data from original auction websites. Our company doesn't. If any of our customers want to purchase and check one price cars, they can proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the car from our rival companies' website

  2. Send us the link of that car

  3. Get the calculation and the auction sheet with the translation

  4. Confirm the purchase

  5. Akebono will purchase


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