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Automotive theme in Japan - Golden Week

Well, here comes the Golden Week in Japan. What places related to the automotive theme in Japan can you visit on weekends? First on the list, of course, is DAIKOKU FUTO PARKING AREA. This is the place where the whole car party gathers at night.

This place is located in the city of Yokohama. It is famous for the fact that nearby is the Wangan track, where illegal night races were held earlier. On Friday and Saturday nights after 21:00, fans of fast driving and cool cars gather on the territory of Daikoku Futo.


The race track where the 2019 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX will take place. This is not even just a race track, but a whole town with themed hotels, attractions, go-karts for adults and children. More information about the planned events and information can be found on the website Location Suzuka Circuit is an hour's drive from Nagoya city.


Those who drift know or have heard of the Ebisu drift track. In fact, this is not one track, but 7 separate tracks located in Fukushima.

You can come here either in your own car, or rent a car and try this route yourself. More information can be found on their website:

For lovers of vintage cars, I recommend the GLION Museum in Osaka.

Here you can see vintage Japanese, European and American cars, taste a delicious steak, and if you are lucky enough to see a Japanese wedding procession. More about the Glion Museum, on their website

If you are a fan of TOYOTA AE86, then you need to get to CARLAND 86 company in Kyoto city.

You can learn more about this company and how to get to them on the website

For fans of the NISSAN company, I recommend to go to Yokohama, where the Nissan head office is located, and visit the NISSAN GALLERY.

Here you can see new models of the Nissan company and visit the museum of this company, well, and buy gifts in the Nissan boutique. More details on the website:

Another place on your auto Japan list would be DZ GARAGE RACING CAFE in Gunma.

Here, you can see famous racers among clients, look at cars, drink coffee, play a race simulator on a huge screen while sitting in a Bride seat. More details on the cafe website:

And there are also a huge number of places that motorists in Japan can visit. To be continued…. Stay with us.


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