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The BAYAUC auction began in 1978, in February, the following year after the establishment of ONAA (Osaka Nanko Auto Auction, Nanko). In 2000, the name of the auction was changed from ONAA to BAYAUC.

In 1984, at an auto auction, the workstations of dealers were equipped with computers. The company did this one of the first in its market segment. In the same year, the auction became the first among the organizations involved in the sale of used cars, where the Internet was connected.

Since 1992, the company has launched its own Total Information System (TCS), which was modernized in 1999 and renamed NEW-TCS.

In 2001, the Internet system "REAL-TIME" was launched at the auction, which allowed dealers to take part in the auction via the Internet at the same time when the auction was in the office. In 2009, the firm completely overhauled the dealer terminals at its Osaka office. Thanks to the management's policy aimed at maximizing the use of innovative technologies in its work, the company managed to reach the top of the world's auto auctions and has been able to maintain its position ever since.

The auction sells passenger cars, mostly made in Japan. However, quite a lot of cars from manufacturers from other countries are also exhibited. Cars for sale are located next to the company's office building. You can get to the upper levels of the car yard by taking one of the two elevators. Some of the cars are located in open areas next to the office. For one auction day (on Wednesdays), about two thousand cars are placed on the site.

Bidding takes place online and at the company's building located in Osaka. Every week, according to statistics from the BAYAUC auction, about 8.5 million people participate in the auction. The office occupies a three-story building. Here, in the main hall, there are 850 workplaces for car dealers. Nearby there is an additional hall for one hundred and fifty participants. From both halls you can go to the negotiation counter, where transactions for cars that were not sold during the auction take place.

The access to bidding for BAYUC auction can be done through most of existing systems. However the most informative web site to check the information is BAYUC's own web site

If in usual web sites you see 3-4 auction photos, 14-15 photos can be seen in Bayauc web site.

Also 360 panoramic view of interior and exterior is available in original BAYAUC web site.


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