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CAA CHUBU Completed construction of inspection building

CAA Chubu has completed the long-awaited inspection building and photography building, and will start full-scale operation in August.

Completed inspection building and photography building in total, 3 construction of the largest inspection building (building A) and new building for photography building (building B) and inspection building (building C) It was repaired. The construction cost will be about 650 million yen including acquisition cost and repair cost. Regarding the existing shooting booth in the main venue, the shooting system will be refurbished to fit the new inspection building during the current term and it will be used continuously.

The inspection building (building A) has an office and a vehicle inspection area on the first floor, which can inspect up to 60 vehicles. The 1064m2 site secures sufficient inter-vehicle distance so that each vehicle can be thoroughly inspected, and 200 LED lights with a brightness of 1500 lux (up to 1700 lux), which is similar to that of a showroom, have been installed. In addition to the inspector office on the 2nd floor, a shower room, laundry room, and drying room were set up to improve the environment for inspectors.

The photography building (building B) and the inspection building (building C) are adjacent to the main venue, a little away from the main venue. The shooting building (building B) will have two simultaneous shooting units and 6-direction shooting booths on a 488-square-meter site. With a total of 4 lanes in the shooting room, including the existing booth, work efficiency has improved significantly. In addition to reducing the installation cost to about one-third that of the conventional system by using its own imaging system, in the future, it will be possible to shoot exterior panoramic images. The inspection building (C building) has a vehicle inspection area on a 458m2 site, which can inspect 25 vehicles at the same time and is equipped with the same lighting as the A building.


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