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Car dismantling service and auto parts shipping-JAPAN (AKEBONO)

Please note, that Akebono co.,Ltd do car parts only in bulk (container shipping).

Car dismantling

Car dismantling service and auto parts shipping is a cost-effective solution for export of auto parts. Cars are dismantled according to each customer’s personal request.

We are pleased to offer our services of dismantling cars and delivering spare parts in containers. Spare parts can be supplied in 20-ft and 40-ft container.

We dismantle cars, pack spare parts and load it into a container on our territory in Japan, Toyama. Dismantling operations are performed in a specially equipped space. We have all required licenses for disassembling vehicles.

We have machinery to comply with the requirements for disposal of residues:

- special treatment facilities,

- oil drainages,

- equipment for pumping freon from the air conditioner,

- press for metal scrapping .

Batteries and airbags remained after dismantling are handed over for disposal and treatment.

How many cars do you need to dismantle into container?

Every container order is unique. Someone needs a maximum parts from every purchased vehicle, while others need only specific spare parts and nothing more. The model of vehicles that customer buys is also important. Therefore, there is no exact answer to this question. Everything depends on the customer’s wishes and needs.

On average the container accommodates: 40-ft: 20 – 30 vehicles,

20-ft: 8 - 15 vehicles.

Number of vehicles to be dismantled into a container is agreed individually.

What is the time frame?

1. We give you up to 30 days to buy vehicles for your container. We are ready to provide a full month of free storage in our territory, during which you can easily buy a vehicle lot for container. In addition, we make a full photo description of every vehicle. It is about 30-40 photos for each car.

2. Dismantling time depends on the number of vehicles, complexity of dismantling and container size. On average, it takes 5 - 10 days. 3. It takes us 2 days for loading parts into the container.

4. Delivery of the container to the port, customs clearance for export from Japan, waiting for the next vessel: 5-7 days.

5. Sea transit depends on the country of the destination.

Photos of our loaded containers:

Video of our Toyama dismantle yard:


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