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Car export to Mongolia (information required to exporter)


1. General information: language, time difference, currency, import volume, popular messenger, popular social network, port of delivery

Capital- Ulaanbaatar.

Language: Mongolian

Currency: Mongolian Tughrik

Time difference: (-1)

Import Volume: 36,919 unit per year (2019)

Popular messenger: Facebook messenger

Social network: Facebook-94%

Port of delivery: Ulaanbaatar

2. Useful web sites with information

3. Local used car sales web site (for leads collection)

4. Main competitors

AUTOCOM JAPAN (office in Mongolia, cars in the way to Mongolia 

SBT JAPAN (office in Mongolia)

NIKYO (office in Mongolia)


BEFORFARD JAPAN (partner office in Mongolia "1000 mashin"  


!Payment terms of above companies: 50%-50%, for big customers 30%-70%

5. Import: year, certification, documents required

Manufacture year is not important, but for cars older than 9 years the customs tax is too expensive.

Certification in Japan is not required.


BL,invoice (usually undervalue), original export certificate.

6.Shipping companies list, vessels list, delivery cost, shipping method

RO/RO and container delivery are available from Japan to Mongolia. Container shipping is preferable, since in case of ro/ro shipping many people involved and some parts of vehicle could be missed.

Logistics company: SYNC LOGISTICS

Contact information:

Zavimunkh Munkhbayar


Freight, 40 FHC- Yokohama/ Kobe/ Nagoya/ Hakata - Ulaanbaator- $3,200 USD

Freight, 40 FHC- Toyama- Ulaanbaator- $3,700 USD

Vanning should be from 5 units, Mongolians disagree to load 4 units in one container.

Transit time:

Japan- Xingang (Tianjin), China- 5 days (ship)

Xingang (Tianjin)-Zamyn Uud- 7 days (Chinese railways)

Zamyn Uud- Ulaanbatar- 2 days (Mongolian railways)

8. Financial institutions, credit companies

Banks that provide vehicles credits:


9. Local customs clearance procedure and the list of local brokers

Import tax formula: Excise Duty + Customs Duty + VAT

CUSTOMS DUTY is 5% of invoice value

VAT (value added tax-13%)- is 13% of CIF price

Other fees:

US$5 for basic declaration

US$8 for basic intensive and simplified customs declaration

US$5 for every additional declaration.

Payments for the charged services are to be made in MNT at the US Dollar rate of the day.

10. Business proposal

11. Popular units


Toyota Prius

Land cruiser

hiace van 

Nissan caravan

toyota wish

toyota aqua

nissan march 

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