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Car grade should always be checked if the grade is essential. Since the owners of the car and inspector are human being , some mistakes can occur.

Car grade in auction sheet says " ATHLETE V" it means car shall have Turbo engine 1JZ-GTE.

However, by checking the grade of the car in official site of Toyota, we can see the real car grade is just " ATHLETE" . It means car has non turbo engine 1JZ-FSE.

Another example:

Grade written on the car states TOURER V, that should be turbo engine. But the auction sheet grade and say the grade is AVANTE and it is non turbo engine 1G-FE.

One more example:

Car grade on the auction sheet for above car is mentioned 30X, it means that battery is 30 kw.

Official Nissan web site define the different car grade 24X . Thus above car has only 24 kw battery.

The average price in above cases drastically changes (almost twice) because of grade.

Web sites to check the grade:


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