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Car Grade explained (AKEBONO)

Car grade- This is a set of standard options that is installed by the manufacturer. The equipment usually defines the interior of the car, interior trim material, security system, electronic traffic assistants and more. The price of the car varies depending on the car grade.

In order to understand the car grades, let us see the grades of Mazda Demio: Cozy, Sports and Casual.

Demio was designed to a “3-cars-from-1” concept and the three ‘lifestyle’.

Cozy (1300 DOHC/1500 DOHC)

The Cozy's pleasant bright interior mainly targets young women and people seeking a more comfortable lifestyle. Featuring a new special color "Honey Yellow," Cozy offers eight different body colors, as well as a choice of three key colors for the interior.

The radical new electric "White Canvas Top" is semi-transparent and lets natural light into the cabin even when it is closed, creating a pleasant bright interior. Employing semi-transparent woven polyester laminated with a durable fluorocarbon resin, the closed roof fills the cabin with a soft light similar to that of a white awning-covered open-air cafe.


The SPORT, portraying a dynamic image, mainly targets people who enjoy driving while seeking a free and active lifestyle. The SPORT comes equipped with the MZR1.5 engine and 4-speed.

Available in its new theme color "Spicy Orange Mica," the SPORT is fitted with HID headlights, 15-inch alloy wheels, and aero bumpers to convey a strong, sporty image. The interior, however, is bathed in dark blue with metal-like accents to create a cool and sporty ambience.

Casual (1300 DOHC/1500 DOHC)

The Casual appeals through its simple, fun to use theme. Target customers are families who seek a simple and natural lifestyle. Available in seven body colors, the Casual's interior is based on light gray expressing an image of classic simplicity.

The car price changes depending on the car’s grade:

There are also basic, medium and maximum grades. In addition, above, there are also limited versions and grades for disabled persons or grade for the winter regions.

For example: Grade for winter regions 寒冷地仕- ("Kanreichi shio-sha"). This lettering means that the car is specially produced with a grade for areas with cold climates, such as Hokkaido and etc. Such cars differ from usual grades in the following parameters:

- More capacious battery

- More powerful heater

- Installed additional fog lumps

- More powerful generator

- Installed another thermostat

- Windshield and heated mirrors

- Antifreeze designed for lower temperatures

- There are side window wipers

Car grade should always be checked if the grade is essential. Since the owners of the car and inspector are human being, some mistakes can occur.

Car grade in auction sheet says " ATHLETE V" it means car shall have Turbo engine 1JZ-GTE.

However, by checking the grade of the car in official site of Toyota, we can see the real car grade is just " ATHLETE" . It means car has non turbo engine 1JZ-FSE.

One more example:

Car grade on the auction sheet for above car is mentioned 30X, it means that battery is 30 kw.

Official Nissan web site define the different car grade 24X . Thus above car has only 24 kw battery.

The average price in above cases drastically changes (almost twice) because of grade.

Another example:

Grade written on the car states TOURER V, that should be turbo engine. But the auction sheet grade and say the grade is AVANTE and it is non turbo engine 1G-FE.

Web sites to check the grade:


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