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Often one encounters situations where different customers have made bids on the same car in the same company. Companies use two different rules to resolve this issue:

1. Priority is given to the first bidder. Example: Client A- made a bet of 50,000 yen, but placed it earlier than Client B, Client-B made a bid of 100,000 yen. A company that participates in an auction trades a car up to 100,000 yen (at the B-bid), if the car is sold at a real auction, within the limits of Client A’s bid, for example, for 49,000 yen, then the car is given to him, as he set the bid earlier. If the car is bought more expensive, for example for 80,000 yen, then the car is given to Client B. (The fundamental idea of ​​this approach is to encourage customers to bid early so that the company bidders, has time to prepare for bidding, and do not do everything in a hurry).

2. Internal bidding is held until the actual bidding begins, and the car is given to the one who originally put the most. Example: Client A-bets 50,000 yen, Client-B bets 100,000 yen. A car at a real auction is sold for 40,000 yen, that is, theoretically it turns out that the bid of both of these clients played, the car in this case is given to the one who initially put more, that is, Client-B. (The fundamental idea of ​​this approach is to encourage customers to make the maximum bid that he can give in order to increase the likelihood of buying a car at a real auction).

Both approaches have their drawbacks. Our company ,currently uses the second option. Sometimes, it is difficult to explain to the client. - "Bidding has not yet begun," you have a bid less, or increase the bid, or the car leaves, the one who initially puts more, even if we buy a car at your price. - "Why ?, will you give it to another if my bet also passes?"

- "Let's imagine a different situation, just abstract yourself and imagine that you are bidding through another company, and we are bidding on the same car on behalf of Client-B. You have a bid of 50,000 yen and our client's a bid of 100,000 yen. Company through which you are hypothetically buying, will stop at a bid of 50,000 yen in real trading, and we will click again and in any case the car will go to Client-B. "


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