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DSK- company, which makes auction POS equipment and computers (Akebono)

Remote access to auctions is given by such IT companies as AUCNET and others, but which companies makes and controls the equipment for bidding in auctions?

One of this type of companies is DSK ("DenSan-Ka")

The original company was incorporated in March 1967 as "Gifu Electronic Calculation Center" (capital 20 million yen), founded by four local banks and several private companies to improve data processing management for companies and organizations in Gifu Prefecture. In 1974, our innovative "Online Real-time Service" cut-in attracted attention for using state-of-the-art technology and the company grew to become a nationwide solution provider with a new name, "Densan System Co. Ltd." (or DSK), while capital was increased to JPY 30 million in 1977. Today we are one of the most successful companies in the IT industry, providing integrated IT solutions in e-commerce, payment, medical, dental, and various industries, with increased capital of JPY 998,013,000 (USD 12 million) and further acquired companies.

In 1982 DSK started providing POS online service.

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