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Japan's largest car buying and selling chain, Apple Auto Network , which operates Apple, has launched a micro electric vehicle (EV) “e-Apple” in Tokyo. Exhibited at Motor Show 2019.

The e-Apple features a compact body for single passengers. It can be easily charged (6-8 hours) with a household power supply and is just the right size to go to the neighborhood. Due to the moped registration, vehicle inspections are exempt, and cheap taxes and insurance premiums are economical. With a single charge, the mileage is about 80 to 120 km, and it can travel on narrow roads with a small turn. The maximum speed is 55km.

Color variations are available in six colors: red, yellow, white, pink, light green. Standard equipment includes a 12-inch aluminum wheel, radio / USB, electric remote control mirror (with side turn signal lamp), slide and reclining seat, power window, roll sun seed, rear view camera, panoramic roof, and keyless entry.

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