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POL             : YOKOHAMA

POD             : AMSTERDAM

Term            : FAS/FAS at both ends

Commodity       : Used Passenger Car

Rate            : <Height: Under 210cm>Base: US$55.00/M3 + BAF: US$ 11.86/M3 + ECA BAF: US$ 0.81/M3

: <Height: Under 300cm>Base: US$65.00/M3 + BAF: US$ 11.86/M3 + ECA BAF: US$ 0.81/M3

: <Height: Over 300cm>Base: US80.00/M3 + BAF: US$ 11.86/M3 + ECA BAF: US$ 0.81/M3

Validity                 : till the end of DEC 2019


-  Subject to vessel availability / space availability.

-  Subject to final operational acceptance.

-  Subject to sufficient co-loading cargo at POL and co-discharging cargo as POD.

-  No inner cargo is accepted.

-  Cargo should be self-drivable and in good condition for driving onboard the vessel.

-  No dangerous or hazardous equipment is accepted.

-  Any cargo associated charges, Terminal Handling Charges, wharfage charges, storage charges, taxes,

   dues, duties and tolls applicable at POL & POD are for shipper's/Consignee's account.

-  Documentation fee including B/L fee should be for shipper's / consignees account.

-  Unit must be clean and free of dirt, mud, rocks, residue, or garbage.

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