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Frequently asked questions- our reply to Poland customer

Dear Ann.

- So I understand we can source parts from cars from auctions.

- Yes, we purchase cars from Japanese used car auctions for further dismantle.

There is three main strategies to source:

1) Our customer can purchase, whole car and get all parts from that car. For calculations please check:

2) Our customer can place the bid for a car in auction and car price in auction equals engine and gear price. In case customer will need any other parts from that car we can sell those parts to customer.

3) We agree with customer on fixed price for certain parts , for instance front half cut and the place the bid to auction instead of customer. For instance:

- Do you have stock of your own parts?

- Yes, we do have some stock of parts, from which you can choose . Please check:

- Do you have engine/parts supplier? Can you check for me cost of engine 2JZ-GE, 2JZGTE, 1JZGTE?

- 2JZ-GE- engine + gear+ front drive train with front shock absorbers- 90,000 JPY

As for 2JZ-GTE and 1JZ-GTE (these are very popular engines, but rare in Japan), so we can provide these engines only as a car front half-cuts . Please check:

- Can we source used parts from Yahoo auctions? Do you charge fee (how much)?

- Yes, it is possible to purchase parts from yahoo auction

Our commission is 1,000 JPY per one purchase.

- How much does shipping for 20 and 40 feet container cost now?

In Japan expenses for 20 F container- 135,000 JPY

40 FHC container-150,000 JPY

In Japan expenses for container include:

- Transportation of the container from port to yard and from yard to port;

- Seal fee;

- Japan customs tax for export;

- Shipping documentation fees;

- Weighting;

- Radiation check;

- THC (Terminal Handling Charges)

- How much is the container freight to my country?

- Please tell us your country, container size and the port of destination and we will provide you the freight quotation.

- How much time do I have to complete container? Can I get 1/1,5 month?

- Yes it is possible, since we own yard in Toyama, so storage will be for free.

- My main goal is to give my customers possibility to search Yahoo auctions and order from me those parts. Buying cars from auctions for cuts, is 2nd priority.

- It would be difficult to fill even 20 F container with parts from yahoo auctions. We recommend to make mixture.


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