Heavy duties machinery auctions

Where else one can buy special equipment, besides the usual Arai Oyama, Isuzu and Arai Oyama Vantora auctions, which are part of the auction system? Are there any specialized auctions for special equipment? List of auctions for special equipment:

KANEHARU http://www.kaneharu.co.jp/index.php GREEN AUCTION http://www.greenauction.jp/ GUIA INTERNET AUCTION https://www.guia.com/ KIXNET https://www.kixnet.jp/KixAuction/index.php KOMATSU USED EQUIPMENT CORO. http://www.kuec.com/index.html OWL http://www.onagashoji.co.jp/en/auction.php SAKURA TENDERS http://www.sakura-auction.jp/ NEW TOKYO AUCTION http://www.shintokyo-auction.com/index_e.html THI http://www.assetline.com/jp/ TOZAI https://www.tozaiboeki.co.jp/ YANASHO AUCTION https://www.yanasho.com/index.php?lang=e YUMAC AUCTION http://www.yumac.com/yumac_auction/index_j.php

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