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Held a tree-planting festival to commemorate the highest JU credit transaction volume

On November 7, JU Aichi (Tobishima Village, Mr. Yuki Kanematsu, Director of Physiology) held a tree-planting event on the grounds of the venue in commemoration of the 1st place in the JU credit annual transaction volume in 2018. The handling volume in FY2018 was 251,159,000 yen, which was approximately 1.8 billion yen higher than FY2017, and was the first place for the fourth consecutive year.

 On the day of the event, many members attended, including the Chubu Relay AA date, and more than 20 people attended, including President Kanematsu, Noriyuki Iwata, Vice President and Minoru Morikawa. At the beginning, President Kanematsu said, “I want to be the best in Japan next year with the help of everyone.” This year, we planted a seedling of the Milky Way cherry tree.

 Mr. Morikawa said, “For the fourth consecutive year, Mr. Morikawa said,“ The financial committee and the secretariat worked together to carry out steady activities to go to the union's store. In order to do so, we would like to strengthen the digging of non-operating stores and expand the base. ”


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