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Customers asked today about the HERO auction: is the auction strict? Auction is working since July 1992. The HERO MEMBERS AUTO AUCTION (full name) is a small auction that takes place every Wednesday and is located in Saitama. At this auction, 300-400 cars are put up a day. Some times with the sponsorship of other organizations up to 1,500 cars are submitted to auction. Cars are usually inexpensive and often shabby. As with all small auctions, inspectors are not as strict as, say, large auctions.

Sometimes the SAA (SUZUKI AUTO AUCTION) auction, on the HERO site, holds their own auctions. What else can you say about this auction? Taiwanese cuisine can be sampled at the auction canteen. Bidding at the auction begins at 11:00, the number of places at the auction is 500. The official website of the auction is The auction is not a tender, it is traded in auction house or remotely , through the auction systems TC WEB or AUCNET.

The Hero Group itself is not specializing only on auctions, that is why they have only one auction house. Hero Group sells new cars, provide car repair services, restaurant business, travel agency business, internet related business and more. For details you can check their web site:


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