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Akebono for a long time is being supplier of spare parts. Dismantling, packaging parts and loading them into containers is conducted in the dismantling yard of Akebono based in Toyama, Japan . We use specially fitted equipment, which allows us to reduce the time and increase the quality and density of loading, reducing your risks for a damage of parts.

Today we are offering Honda Fit (Honda Jazz) cars for dismantling. We have around 200 cars including restyling cars (manufactured after 2005) and not restyling. Chassis are GD1, GD2 and GD3.

Price for one set is $ 740 usd or 97,000 JPY

Price include : parts set price , dismantle fee and container loading fee.

Parts set:

Engine and gear X 1

Front and rear suspension X 1

Front nose cut X 1

Front fenders X 2

Bonnet X 1

Side doors X 4

Side mirror X 2

Back door or trunk lid X 1

Rear bumper X 1

Tail lights X 2

Parts set do not include:

Catalyst converters


Parts packaging fee:

We don't charge for the work, but we charge for the material of packaging. Customer chooses the material and depending on that the price changes.

Expenses in Japan for container:

20F container- 150,000 JPY (1, 150 USD)

40F container- 170,000 JPY (1,300 USD)


Freight depends on the country and port of the destination. Please contact us for the quotation.

AKEBONO CO.,LTD Web: Mobile: +81-80-9345-0655 (whats'app) E-mail: My blog:


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