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未 使用 車 - unused car. One client asked me this question: "Why are new 2021 cars being put up for auction? A man bought a car, and then he urgently needed money?"

In fact, yes, this option is also possible, but more of those cars that are exhibited according to a clever scheme - 未 使用 車

1. Car manufacturers set sales quotas to auto dealers, in case of fulfillment of which the car dealer (distributor) is entitled to bonuses.

2. Manufacturers have plans for the release of cars, which are tied to sales, and the results of the manufacturer for the shareholders are tied to all this.

3. Manufacturers can reduce the cost of new cars, but for a number of reasons, including the reputation of the model itself, they do not reduce the pre-planned sales prices.

4. Dealers, in order to fulfill the sales norms, buy new cars themselves and register them with their company. The car becomes second-hand, the price for it falls.

5. Such used cars can be sold by a dealer to an exporter, since used cars can be exported or put up for auctions of used cars. However new car can not be exported

6. The manufacturer compensates the loss incurred by the dealer in the form of bonuses. As a result, everyone benefits, the shareholders of the manufacturer's company, the manufacturer himself, the dealer, and most importantly the buyer.

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