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How the seller fills out the auction sheet (AKEBONO)

All auction sheets consist of two parts: one filled by car owner and the second part filled by auction car inspector.

Today we will show you the sample of the part filled by the owner who exhibits his car to auction.

Requirements of JU Gifu auction

(1) Model year Please enter the year until the date of registration for the first year.

(2) 2WD / 4WD Please mark either one.

(3) Chassis Please enter the format from the exhaust gas regulation identification code.

(4) Color No Please enter the color number.

(5) Model year For foreign cars, the point is to enter the model year.

(6) Seating capacity In some cases, the seat shape can be known from the passenger capacity.

(7) Load capacity / total weight Please enter the load capacity / total weight of trucks, vans, etc.

(8) Selling point Please use equipment that functions normally.

(9) Navigation model number This item has a large number of preview requests.

(10) Later items Please remove the warranty card, instruction manual, and accessories from the car and fill in the item column at a later date.

(11) Recycling fee If the recycling fee is not entered, it will be treated as undeposited. Please be sure to fill it out.

(12) Exhibitor declaration column Please clearly describe defective parts, missing items, and precautions. (If there is a record book, the recorded contents, defective parts, etc.)

(13) For garage certification If the dimensions for garage certification are entered, we can

respond to immediate delivery.

(14) Desired block Please clearly enter the priority order of the desired blocks with numbers. If there is no block that is not in the desired exhibition block column, please use "Other".

(15) Plus guaranteed Please mark ○ when listing with a plus guarantee. (Paid, limited to target corners)

(16) Exhibitor name Please enter the JU Gifu AA membership number, exhibitor store name, telephone number, etc.

(17) Price Please be sure to enter the start price even if the price is adjusted in the adjustment room of the venue on the day of the auction.

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