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How to calculate the price of half-cut

The calculation of half -cut or full dismantle for the car is very simple. One should find out the car price in auction and add 1,100 USD and it will be the FOB price.

How to find out the price of the car?

  1. Go to our web site

  2. Choose the sales statistic

3. Login trial , PW trial

4. For instance you want to check the price for Toyota Aristo JZS161 with 2JZ-GTE engine

Please choose following criteria:

- 1 Month

- Toyota

- Aristo

- JZS161

- Sold

5. Change the currency to USD and filter flow lowest price to highest

6. Prices written in green are the sold prices, prices in orange are the average prices

7. You can also check the condition of each car

8. Thus the calculation for FOB price for ARISTO JZS161 will be $4,100 +$1,100

* in case you want to reduce the price, you can sell us the catalyst converter. Price on catalyst converter depends on the model. The catalyst price for JZS161 is 30,000 JPY (*300 usd)

What is 1,100 brake down?

- Auction fee

- Transportation to our dismantling yard

- Recycle fee

- Dismantling and packaging fees

- Loading inside the container

Are there any other expenses per car?

No there are only expenses per container and freight to the port of the destination.

Expenses per 20F container-135,000 JPY (*1,250 USD)

Expenses per 40F HC container-150,000 JPY (*1,400 USD)


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