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Some time for Isuzu trucks you will see note スムーサー (Smoother) or クラッチペダルはありません (No clutch pedal), both notes means that truck has "Smoother series transmission, by Isuzu".

On cars Isuzu Elf, Forward, Giga since 2004, the Isuzu concern began to install a gearbox with an automatic clutch and a semiautomatic gear change. This equipment causes some embarrassment among car owners when purchasing and fear of operating their cars due to a lack of understanding "how it all works there ...".

What is the smoother car you often hear these days?

It is completely different from the old 4-speed AT. Even at our company, there are times when the used trucks that arrive are smoother cars . Smoother, I've heard about it, but what are its specific functions and features? It is a transmission that combines the good points of MT (manual) and AT (automatic), and the feeling of driving is rather close to that of semi-AT (semi-automatic). The structure itself is a modified MT structure, but there is no clutch pedal Since there is no clutch pedal, you can drive even with an AT limited license.

However Isuzu call the the next generation transmissions.

The Smoother series of transmissions, already mounted on GIGA Tractors and FORWARD medium-duty trucks, are gaining wide recognition for their reduced lifecycle costs and management advantages. Isuzu is also developing the Smoother series in ELF and GIGAMAX, extending their benefits from light to heavy-duty trucks. In combination with full air-suspension and 4-bag air-suspension, the Smoother series meets the demands of the transportation industry for cost-effective management.


The first* fully automatic mechanical transmission

The Smoother-G transmission mounted on the GIGA tractor is a fully automatic mechanical transmission. The clutch functions of start drive, shift, and stop are fully automated, which brings benefits. Multistage automatic gear shift boosts fuel economy. Clutch wear and tear is reduced thanks to automated clutch operation. Smoother-G also reduces driver's fatigue.

*A mechanical fully automatic transmission in domestic heavy duty truck category.


Smoother-F has both economic and safety advantages

The Smoother-F transmission mounted on FORWARD is a manual transmission with no clutch pedal. It utilizes fluid coupling and wet-type clutch plates, eliminating clutch operation and replacement. Vehicle maintenance costs are significantly reduced, leading to management efficiency.

*Smoother-E has been developed as the same type of transmission as Smoother-F.

The benefits of smoothers are ...

● The burden of operation on the driver is reduced There is no clutch pedal, so even if you do not have difficult driving skills The feature is that it is easy to drive even a novice car with a certain amount of technology. It seems that there are many people who say that it is relatively easy for anyone to handle and that they can drive comfortably without worrying about it.

● Improved fuel economy It feels like a semi-AT, but it's close to the manual structure. You can expect the same consumption rate as MT cars, which have better fuel efficiency than AT cars. It has the feature of being able to achieve a certain level of cost performance regardless of the skill of the driver.


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