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Auto Servers (ASNET) will operate three venues (Tokyo / Kobe / Kyushu) of Isuzu Motor Auction (hereinafter referred to as IMA) operated by Isuzu Umax Start a connection with the ASNET “AS Real”, up to today it was only absent bid system in ASNET. Real bidding was available only through original IMA web site.

The connection schedule will be the IMA Tokyo venue (starting at 11:00 auction) on January 8, the IMA Kyushu venue (starting at 11:00 auction) on the 9th, and the IMA Kobe venue (starting at 11:00 auction) on the 10th. Connection starts from the start.

Isuzu Umax is already connected to ASNET's absent bidding and one-price service. By adding this real connection, real-time bidding from non-IMA members is possible, and it is expected that the auction will be activated and that contracts will be improved.

With this connection expansion, Isuzu UMAX believes that bids and successful bids for vehicles exhibited in IMA will increase, and that the percentage of successful bids will be improved, leading to increased satisfaction of members and an increase in the number of IMA exhibitors.


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