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January steel scrap market

The Japan Iron Recycling Association released information on the domestic scrap market on February 3. The price of domestic scrap scraps, which had ceased to rise by December, fell sharply from late January and fell for the first time in three months. The price before the H2 furnace at the end of the month is 23,000 to 23,500 yen in the Kanto region and 22,500 to 24,000 yen in the Kansai region.

It was announced last year that crude steel production in Japan fell below 100 million tons for the first time in 10 years. Not being asked, the severe demand environment has not been resolved. Overseas, the price of European and U.S. scrap contracts to Turkey fell by about $ 80 from the bottom, dropping by as much as $ 30 as early as possible. Price cuts have begun to be noticeable in various areas, such as retreating to 25,000 to 25,500 yen (FOB), a 1,000 to 1,500 yen decrease from the previous month.

Concerns about the spread of the new type of pneumonia are also growing rapidly in the steel industry. The end of the month has been reached while drifting.


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