AUCTION OWNERS- These are companies, who actually own auctions. Since one company have several auctions we call them Auction Groups.

Among biggest auctions groups are:

USS (acronym of used car System Solutions) provides the enormous, appropriate used vehicle auction service in Japan, which is operated at 18 locations every week in the country. The USS Auto Auction is held from Monday- Saturday nationwide.

Toyota Auto Auction or TAA is among major auction houses in Japan. The auction house is managed by Toyota and specializes in Toyota brand cars.

ARAI Auto Auction or AAA is one of the Japan’s largest auto auctions. It is specializes in trucks, heavy duties machinery and tractors . It is one of the largest auction groups in Japan with four auction halls located in the Kanto region (the area around Tokyo).

Chubu Auto Auction or CAA is one of the largest auction groups in Japan. The CAA auctions are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Honda auctions are made up of cars exhibited by Honda dealers and specialize in Honda brand cars. . They hold auctions in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Sendai, and state one of the highest sale rates in the industry.

Japanese Automobile Auction or JAA is a medium-sized auction house which offers around 45,000 vehicles every month.

Above are the biggest auction groups in Japan. There are some smaller auction groups as well.


Since not every company can participate physically in auction sites IT companies provide access to auctions though web sites. Thus companies can by cars from their offices.

Among biggest auction access providers are:








It is how TC-WEB web site looks like. It companies many auctions, so customer can access all above auctions at once.


The problem of above auction providers' web sites is that they don't have agreements with all auctions, so in Japan there is no system, which gives remote access to absolutely all auctions in Japan.

Thus IT companies from overseas made this kind of system, which gives access to all auctions. The difference of this system from the Japanese ones is that it is not connected to real auctions. The purpose of this system is to collect bids from customers and later place bids through the Japanese auctions access systems. We call this kind of system as "mirror auction system". Most exporter companies in Japan use mirror auction systems for collecting bids.

Sample of mirror auction.


Some importers also implemented mirror auction systems into their web sites. Importers collect bids from their customers through mirror auction system, then place bids through another mirror auction system of Japanese exporter and Japanese place bids through web sites of Japanese IT companies,who provide access to real auctions.