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JBA (Japan Bike Auction) auction sheet

Main grade:

S - new motorcycle

6 - perfect condition

5 - excellent condition

4.5 - very good condition

4 - good condition

3.5 - acceptable condition

3 - satisfactory condition

2 - bad condition

1 - very bad condition

R - wrecked or salvaged motorcycles

In addition to the overall grade, letter grades are given for the nodes: engine, frame, chassis, appearance. Gradation of estimates by nodes:

S - perfect

A - excellent

B- good

C - satisfactory

D - very bad

E - terrible

If the grades are A or B it is a good bike.

In addition, there are letter and number notes on the motorcycle sweep diagram, which indicate the following:

1 - small size

2 - medium

3 - a lot

A - scratch

B - dent

H - hole

N - absence

P - repaint, tint

R - repair

S - corrosion, rust

T - broken, cut off

X - replacement required

W - traces of recovery

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