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JU Aichi construction of inspection facility

JU Aichi will build an inspection facility on the premises of the venue to improve inspection accuracy. The building has a frontage of 27 m, a depth of 34 m, a height of 5 to 7 m, and a maximum capacity of 50 cars. It will be built in front of the shooting studio, adjacent to the auction site, and is scheduled to be completed in March 2022.

The construction of the car inspection facility, which had been under consideration for several years, was officially decided by the board of directors in October 2009, and the groundbreaking ceremony was held on November 4. With this construction, a stable inspection environment can be maintained, and it will be effective in re-inspection, night inspection, and early morning inspection in winter. In particular, by constructing it in front of the shooting studio, it is possible to finish the primary inspection and smoothly perform the secondary inspection of the vehicle before shooting.

At the same venue, high-intensity lighting will be installed in some yards to improve the inspection environment in order to improve inspection accuracy. It will be installed in the third parking lot where new vehicles will be accepted and the primary inspection will be carried out, and 20 high-brightness LED lights will be installed on nine pillars.


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