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JU Corporation has started "JU Chance" as a new service of the Internet service "JU Navi & JU Trade", and the vehicles in the Kinki area are called "JU Kinki Chance" on October 5th. Start from the day.

The service is a new sales method for shared inventory, and is characterized by the fact that JU tentries, which can be released for a long time at one price, are solicited for successful bids by bidding for up to 8 days. It is possible.

As a result, JU Navi members are expected to expand their sales channels. Bidding (bid-raising method) is targeted at JU Navi members and JU trade members nationwide, and the convenience of purchasing will be greatly improved. The winning bid is 15,000 yen for JU Navi members and 16,500 yen for JU Trade members.

The company says it will continue to aim for convenient and useful services for its members through enhancements.


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