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Some times on auction sheets of JU Gifu auction , one can see yellow or blue star.

プラス保証 - ("Plus Hosho")- PLUS WARRANTY- mark means that JU GIFU provides safe warranty service for the car for 30 days from the successful bid day. Usually, cars of auction submitted cars has this kind of additional service. However, any seller can also apply, that he/her car to be auctioned with the warranty. Cars with warranty pass the OBD (on-line board diagnostics).

The exhibitor bears the guarantee fee. It is free for the successful bidder.

The winning bidder bears the guarantee fee (optional, if the winner wishes)

Successful bidders can apply for "Plus Guarantee".

Application fee: 5,000 yen (excluding tax)

* Applications for vehicles exhibited at the venue are required by the end of the auction on the day of AA.

Guarantee range:

In September 2019, first in the auction history JU Gifu opened a car service center. Thus the service of Plus guarantee become possible.

Details of PLUS WARRANTY could be checked at


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