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Features of auctions - today we will tell you about JU OITA

A few facts about the JU OITA auction.

1. JU- from Japan Used car dealer association

2. JU OITA symbol - yellow bear

3. The auction is small, with up to 10,000 cars per month.

4. If you saw that the car was photographed in the forest and on the street, this does not mean that the car is not on the move, just the auction is surrounded by forest and at this auction, there is no box for photographing.

5. For most of the cars traded at the auction, you can find detailed photos by going without registration to the site

6. Most of the cars traded at this auction are listed in the "7-net" system .. where you can see how much they want to sell a particular car in Japan. (Keep in mind that for export, a car is sold cheaper, since registration is not required and 10% and tax on utilization are returned)

7. JU OITA is the only auction located in the eastern part of Kyushu Island.

8. Because of the salty sand, often there are cars with a slick coating, which gradually turns into corrosion.

9. Bidding, unlike most auctions, starts at 11:00


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