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そのまんまコーナー検査なしノークレーム ("Sono manma kona kensa nashi nokuremu") - No claim, no inspection corner of JU Tokyo.

There is no "Accident corner" in Ju Tokyo, so all accident cars go "no claim, no inspection" corner. Also in this corner following cars are submitted: forklifts, cars, which doesn't fall to any existent corner, small cars, such as golf car and etc.

What are other corners of JU Tokyo?

軽自動車コーナー ("kei jidousha kona)- corner of cars less than 660 CC

一般コーナー ("ippan kona")- corner of usual cars

初出品&特選車コーナー ("Hatsu shuppin& tokusen-sha kona")- First exhibition & special car corner. First exhibition- Vehicles that have not been listed in AA, including other venues, within the past month, or Special car- Vehicles with a rating of 4 points or more, a mileage of less than 70,000 km, and have not been exhibited at the venue within the past month.

ガリバー買取店コーナー ("Gariba kaitori-ten kona")- Cars submitted by Gulliver company.

10万円MAXコーナー ("10 Man-en makkusu kona")- 100,000 JPY MAX corner. Exhibition fee 4,000 yen Start / Suggested price is 100,000 yen or less and can be set arbitrarily If the bid is 100,000 yen or more, it will always be sold out.

バントラコーナー("Bantorakona")- corner, where vans and trucks are exibited.

ラッキーコーナー ("Rakkikona")- Lucky corner. It will be sold out from the start at the price decided for each displacement Guaranteed contract The current accident car cannot be exhibited.

当日・当日ラッキーコーナー ("Tojitsu tojitsu rakkikona")- Lucky corner on the day. Vehicles brought in between 17:00 and 18:00 the day before & vehicles accepted between 9:00 and 11:00 on the day.

1POS1,000円0売りつくしコーナー("1 Posu 1, 000-en 0 uritsukushi kona")- 1POS Sold corner. No hidden price, one step 1,000 JPY


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