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LAA (LIGHT AUTO AUCTION) will newly open "LAA Satellite Kagawa" in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture as the company's fifth auto auction (AA) facility. After the pre-opening on December 14th, the grand opening will be held on January 11th next year after two events (14th and 21st) within the year. Positioned as a satellite yard of LAA Shikoku (Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture) held on Wednesday, LAA Shikoku and LAA Okayama (Minami Ward, Okayama City) AA2 venues and LAA Satellite Kobe Nishi (Nishi Ward, Kobe City) and Tottori (Yonago, Tottori Prefecture) City) satellite yard 2 venues and the satellite yard added to the 5-base system will lead to the revitalization of used car distribution in the Chugoku and Shikoku areas.

The new yard is conveniently located near the Takamatsu-Nishi Interchange (IC) on the Takamatsu Expressway in Nakamamachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Nearby, the company's car buying store "Seaboy Takamatsu Store" just opened in late October. While using the number of vehicles purchased by the store as a base, it will increase the convenience of members in Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures centered on Takamatsu City.

The site has an area of ​​2,777 square meters and can accommodate 150 cars.

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