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Malasia is the largest ASEAN country importer of used Japanese parts

Malaysia is ASEAN's largest collection of used automotive parts. These used car parts imported from Japan have been concentrated in Malaysia, the hub, and then re-exported around the world. When you visit the largest used parts collection area called Clan, you will encounter a scene where a truck loaded with containers runs around loudly. Overwhelmed by the scenery of the car engine, half cut and nose cut piled up on both sides. Iron scraps and engines are lined up .

According to data from the Malaysian Automobile Recycling Association (MAARA), more than 80% of used car parts in Malaysia are from Japan. Major second-hand parts to be handled are the next highest ratio of alternators and starters after engines and converters. There are more motor systems than suspension parts. Used parts generated in Japan have few mileage and years of use. For this reason, it was popular and recognized worldwide as the birthplace of excellent used parts. About 20% of Japanese goods are distributed in Malaysia, and the remaining 80% goes overseas. It will be re-exported after being consolidated in Malaysia, the hub


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