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March 2021, iron scrap market

The Japan Iron Recycling Industry Association (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) announced domestic iron scrap market information on March 1.

Domestic iron scrap prices, which fluctuated in December and January, recovered sharply by more than 10,000 yen in February from the Kanto market, which had a particularly large decline in January, and at the end of the month, Kanto and Kansai were at almost the same price level. It became. The price in front of the H2 furnace at the end of the month is 40,000 to 41,000 yen.

The price in the Kanto area at the end of January was nearly 10,000 yen lower than that in Kansai because the dispatch of ships for export was delayed due to seasonal factors, and the power shortage surfaced due to the severe winter, which saved electricity for electric power companies. Due to the fact that some electric furnace manufacturers were forced to adjust production in response to the request, and that the receipt of goods was restricted due to the furnace repair work of major electric furnaces, etc. Conceivable.

In February, overseas market conditions centered on Turkey recovered, and inquiries from Taiwan, which has been delayed in the treatment of US iron scrap due to a shortage of containers, to Japanese iron scrap, etc., from the FOB price for export. The rise became remarkable, and the price for local electric furnaces also rose in a follow-up manner.

While the prices of resources such as iron ore, crude oil, and copper are rising, the iron scrap market is entering March while maintaining a strong trend.


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