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Automotive Technologies (Central Tokyo) conducts pre-export inspection of used cars in Japan on November 4th at the ceremony for awarding prevention of epidemics sponsored by the New Zealand government, MINISTRY FOR PRIMARY INDUSTRIES (Ministry of Industry, MPI) Ward, President Nigel Grindall, President) was awarded MONDIALE INNOVATION AWARD by MPI Minister.

This award was recognized by the New Zealand government, which is one of the highest in the quarantine system in the world, to devise new quarantine technologies to prevent the invasion of plants and animals that cause various plagues into New Zealand. Among them, the award was given to those who recognized the high quality of behavior, and in the field of stink bug control, which became a major problem in the automobile export industry last year, the company has independently adopted the HEAT TREATMENT method. Recognized for the high level of ingenuity and performance of the developed processing equipment, it was the only commendation awarded by a government-approved Japanese inspection company.

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