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Business alliance for the purpose of expanding overseas sales channels for reused parts.

NGP Japan Automobile Recycling Business Cooperative (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman Yukio Sato, hereinafter referred to as NGP Cooperative) aims to expand overseas sales channels for reused parts with BE FORWARD (President Hironori Yamakawa, Chofu City, Tokyo). Agreed on a business alliance.

Today, from June 14th, the NGP Cooperative will provide reused parts data to the EC site ( ) operated by BE FORWARD , and the parts published on the site will be released by BE FORWARD. Made available to overseas users, who are Beforward's customers.

As a result, the number of parts released on the EC site is expected to exceed about 3.4 million, and active transactions are expected.

Behind this business alliance was the growing need for automobile parts required for repairs due to the expansion of distribution of reused parts by the NGP cooperative and the expansion of exports of used cars by BE FORWARD.

Since its establishment, the NGP Cooperative has been supplying highly reliable reused parts to Japan with strict quality standards.

The SDGs Declaration was made in 2019, and the goal is to reduce CO2 by utilizing reused parts. We believe that expanding the distribution of reused parts not only in Japan but also overseas will contribute to the achievement of SDGs. , Was looking for a sales channel overseas.

On the other hand, the number of used cars exported by BE FORWARD reached 133,125 in FY2019, boasting a record of transactions with 205 countries and regions around the world. The market size of used car exports exceeded about 1 million units in 2020, and although distribution is stagnant due to the corona damage, there is a need for high quality Japanese used cars overseas, including emerging countries. It is still high.

Due to such a market background and the growing customer evaluation of the comprehensive development from sales to transportation of BE FORWARD, the automobiles necessary for repairs are necessary as the business of vehicle sales continues to expand steadily. The need for parts was also increasing.

This time, the two companies agreed, and this business alliance was realized.

The NGP Cooperative said, "In the future, we will leverage the strengths of BE FORWARD's overseas sales capabilities, NGP's ability to supply reused parts, and the strengths of both companies to expand the distribution of reused parts globally to recycle automobiles. We would like to support and contribute to the SDGs. "


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