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Nissan 2000 GT-R , Ken and Mary's Skyline

This is the fourth generation Skyline that became very popular by the copy “Skyline for Ken and Mary.” However, this “2000GT-R” model was manufactured for only 4 months from January to April of 1973 and the total number of manufactured cars was less than 200 due to the stricter emission standards.

Along with the fact that it didn’t participate in touring car races, this model is still called “Phantom GT-R.” Intake air duct, disc brakes for four wheels, mesh front grille, over fenders on wheels, and the exterior with a rear spoiler as standard equipment also attracted attention. But it was very rare even in those days for people to see this model running .

Nissan wanted an American feel for the all-new Skyline, both in the car and in the advertising. Kenmeri was a pun of sorts: Flip the order of the names and you get Mary Ken… American.

For two years, from late 1972 to late 1974, Nissan’s television ads for the Nissan Skyline (known to insiders as the kenmeri, or Ken and Mary, generation) were a cultural sensation in Japan. Ken and Mary were young and in love and enjoying the world in their Skyline 2000 GT R coupe; they’re so popular that even today, they’re the highlight of a (Japan-only) DVD featuring 50 years of Skyline TV ads–and Ken and Mary adorn the cover.

Ken - Yoshio: mom Japanese and Russian dad, Mary -Diane Clay an American girl who grew up in Japan. Thus the become legend faces of the skyline start and the "Kenmeri" generation.

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