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Nose cut explained -dismantling. Beginners guide (Akebono)

Car nose cut means the front end cut of a vehicle comprising of the following components as a unit: headlamps, bumper, grill, top brace, AC condenser and pipes, tail lamps and indicators, radiator, front cross- member, tip of both fender and bumper bracket.

Some customers ask to load nose cuts to the container. This is done to ensure that parts are not damaged during disassembly and transportation. It also makes it easier to keep track of spare parts. Others ask us to disassemble the front part of the car, so more parts could be loaded into one container.

Car nose cut consist of the following parts:

1- two front lights;

2- two horns;

3- core support assy;

4- one grill;

5- one front bumper;

6- one bumper energy absorber;

7- one bumper beam;

Core support assy consist of : Upper core support, core support and front cross member.

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