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The auction group USS (Used Car Systems Solutions), on March last year announced the launch of a new project for the inspection of cars - OBD (On board diagnostics).

Vehicle inspection equipment was made by AUTOMOBILE BODY REPAIR, together with DENSO. The equipment was designed specifically and exclusively for the USS and named "Dst-i for USS". Dst-i for USS tests 6 main points of the car: 1-engine, 2-transmission, 3-airbag, 4-power steering, 5-brakes and 6-car security system.

The lunch of OBD has started in USS Nagoya,later on it was launched in USS Osaka and Yokohama.

This how OBD results look like

Later on the 360 degree panoramic view of interior in OBD corner was introduced.

In USS NAGOYA lots of OBD corner start from 17001-


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