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We have got the request from Guangzhou China used parts trader, to provide OEM codes for all parts we are selling.

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” So, OEM automotive components are the official, genuine parts produced directly by your vehicle's maker.

Thus for checking the OEM our company use

Calculation for one of the cars:


Engine + AT set K3-VE- 15,000 JPY (139 USD)

Engine assy OEM 19000-B1480

Transaxle assy OEM 30500-B1030

nose cut sets below - 8,000 JPY (74 USD)

* nose cut set includes : nose cut, two front fenders and bonnet

Front bumper OEM 52119-B1030-CO

Radiator Grill OEM 53111-B1010-C0

Head light Right side OEM 81110-B1140

Head light Left side OEM 81150-B1140

Cross member assy OEM- 77101-B1021

Main radiator OEM- 16400B1080

AC radiator OEM -88450B1050

Fender front left OEM - 53812B1140

Fender front right OEM- 53811B1050

Bonnet OEM- 53301B1070

Tail lights X 2- 1,500 JPY (14 USD)

Tail light OEM- 81550B1060


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