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On April 26, new function services will be provided for "TC-webΣ"

Simply speaking TAA and CAA groups created, for seller of car , the system of exhibition of car online, rather than traditional exhibition of sending the auction application forms.

Sigma Networks , which operates the TAA / CAA group's Web service "TC-webΣ", has set up "TC-webΣ" for the purpose of improving member convenience. The service of new functions will start to be provided from April 26th.

This new function was developed to promote the expansion of online services as a response to the digitization of TAA / CAA and the new lifestyle in With Corona.

Expand services that can be used on the Web in TAA / CAA transactions, such as the "TC exhibition tool" that enables you to apply for listings and transport requests to TAA / CAA from TC-webΣ, and change TAA / CAA member information. ..

The "TC listing tool" enables listings that utilize various data used by members in addition to handwritten listing slips from TC-web∑. In addition, by reading the QR code of the vehicle verification with the "TC app" and linking it with the "TC exhibition tool" of TC-web∑, the input of vehicle verification information is reduced and more accurate information can be reflected.

In addition, a notification function for confirming the order of dialogue is also implemented. As soon as the list is confirmed the day before the auction, the listing order list will be delivered by push notification. As a result, the exhibiting store and the winning bidder can save the trouble of checking the list confirmation by themselves, and the environment can be used effectively.

Sigma Networks will continue to update the Web and applications and implement new functions, aiming for "TAA / CAA 24 hours a day, anywhere" and provide services that are close to the member's business. "

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