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一 発 落 札 ("Ippatsu rakusatsu"), ワ ン プ ラ イ ス ("van puraisu"), ワ ン ク リ ッ ク ("van kurikku") are all varieties of buying cars at a fixed price. The first company to apply for a purchase at a fixed price picks up the car at a specified fixed price. The difference in the names above is due to the variety of auctions, but the essence remains the same.

Cars in this section, appear in two ways: 1) the car is presented by the so-called 買 取店 ("kaitori-ten") companies that buy cars from the public and sell them in parallel both at auctions and through their car dealerships. 2) Sellers, after their car has left unsold, ask for an auction to put up their car at a fixed price before the next auction.

Consider the first option, when the car exhibits "Kaitori-ten". Examples of such companies: ガ リ バ ー ("Guliver"), Quick × Quick ("Quick and Quick"), カ ー セ ブ ン 共有 在 庫 ("Сar Seven Kiyoyu zaiko"), etc. There are a large number of such companies. For the most part, the prices for cars that are exhibited by such companies are usually more expensive than the average statistical prices at auctions, this is due to the fact that these cars are mainly intended for sale and use in Japan itself, but if they are sold for export, then it is good. On such sites, it is good to look for rare or specific cars that can be expected for a long time at the auction sites.

The second option is when the car was not sold at the auction and the seller asks, or the auction offers, and the seller agrees to put the car, which did not sell at the auction, in the section of cars at a fixed price, until the next auction. Prices for such cars are often interesting. This is due to the fact that the seller, having seen how much was given for his car during the auction, lowers his bar so as not to pay further costs for exhibiting.

The convenience of buying cars at a fixed price, in addition to the fact that you can search for rare cars, is that the price is visible in advance and you can calculate the final cost of the car. Plus, if the standard number of photos at regular auctions is 6, then 15-20 photos are usually taken for cars at a fixed price.

When buying a car at a fixed price, you need to know two points: the auction commission for this method of purchase is higher compared to the commission that the auction takes when buying from a regular auction. The commission varies depending on the auction and averages 25,000 yen. The second nuance is that when buying most cars at a fixed price, the auction itself organizes the delivery of the car to the parking lot of the dispatch point and auctions do not allow you to pick up the purchased car yourself. Accordingly, in most cases, car transportation in Japan becomes more expensive and delivery times are often increased.


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