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Order from auction or purchase from stock?

There are two ways how to purchase car from Japanese used car exporter: purchase a car from available stock of that company or purchase car by participation in used car auction. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. In case of stock cars: there are a lot of pictures ready, the final price of purchase is fixed, so you can calculate the final price in your country of destination, for the most of the stock cars export documentation preparation is usually faster comparing to the those purchased by your order from auction. However among the disadvantages of stock cars is the car price. Since the exporter company freezes it money and take the risks of purchasing the car from auction and then re- selling it , the exporter company has to make more profit and the final car price goes high. In case of participation in used car auction by your order, exporter companies fix the low commissions for their services, since the risks for the car not to be sold are absent. Thus in case you need to purchase car from Japan in car dealer low price and not the end user high price it is better to study about japanese used car auction first and purchase the car you need from Japanese auction and not from stock.


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