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Many of you know that car parts from Japan, could be shipped by 20F or 40F containers, but mostly people don't know that parts on pallets shipping from Japan is also available.

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Price list could be downladed here: Please note that prices are actual for the January 2023. 2AZ-FE ; 2AZ-FE ; 3UZ-FE; 3UZ-FE;1ZZ-FE; 1ZZ-FE; 1NZ-FE; 2JZ-GTE; 2ZZ-GE; 1JZ-GTE;1ZZ-FE; 1MZ-FE; 1MZ-FE; 1

AKEBONO CO.,LTD- USED CAR ENGINE SUPPLIER FROM JAPAN Our advantages: 1.You don't have to buy the whole car. You can choose engines from cars coming for dismantling. 2. You buy exactly what you see in

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