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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will additionally release parts of A70 Supra and A80 Supra as "GR Heritage Parts Project" and resell them to overseas such as Japan, North America and Europe.

The project is an effort to make spare parts that have already been discontinued and resell them as genuine parts in order to respond to the user's desire to continue riding their car full of memories. For the A70 Supra and A80 Supra.

From July 1st, the reprinted parts that are ready will be available for purchase at Toyota dealers in the same way as regular genuine parts, but they will be produced at the factory because they will be limited production with the special cooperation of the supplier. After the period ends, it will be sold only in stock except for some parts. Details such as product numbers, prices, and production periods will be released on the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing website ( ) starting from July 1st. 2021

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